General Info

Students must attend their lessons well prepared and ensure they arrive at the Center at least 15 minutes before their scheduled class start time. Student attendance is important and is graded by the teacher in the student’s Evaluation Card.


In the event of a student’s absence, the student must inform the center administration in due time by calling the center on 22 44 44 43. Student absences are not rescheduled. In the event of a teacher absence, the center administration is responsible to find a suitable other time for the lesson.

Student Conduct
Students must at all times respect the Potenzia premises, staff and teachers.


Smoking is strictly prohibited in all Potenzia premises, including the underground parking area.


In case of Fire
The staff, teachers and students of Potenzia must be aware of the location of fire extinguishers, as well as the nearest emergency exit to their location. In the event of a fire alarm or an emergency, everyone must evacuate the building following the instructions of staff and teachers.


Lost Items
The Lost and Found bin is located in the Accounts office. All lost and found items are moved to the Lost and Found bin. Students are encouraged to deliver found items and look for lost items in the Lost and Found bin. Although the center staff and teachers take every care to protect the property of visitors, the center, its staff and teachers are not responsible for the loss of visitors’ personal property.


Equal Opportunity
Potenzia del’ arte offers equal opportunities to all who are interested in the performing arts.