Ph.Α Recording Suites

Potenzia Del’ Arte operates  “Ph.A Recording Suites”, a small but fully equipped studio, suitable for recording voice and/or any other instrument and band, as well as for jingles. The studio is available for students and friends of Potenzia who wish to record a demo for personal or for professional use. The recordings are led by experienced professionals who teach at or are related to the school, in cooperation with Silver Spotlight Productions and the Master of vocal recordings, Alex Panayi. The studio is located on the first floor, and its managed by Marinos Kasinos. We are happy that many musicians and performers choose our studio for their recordings.


The Ph.A. Recording Suite undertakes:
• Voice recordings (song – spicy)
• Recordings of all instruments
• Complete demos for our students
• Seminars by renowned music industry professionals


Also in collaboration with Silver Spotlight Productions Ph.A. Recording Suite undertakes with leading partners:
• The composition, production of original songs
• Orchestrating – producing your own song
• Complete execution of production of advertising jingles
• Tuning and editing voices and mono instruments