Distinguished Students

The following alumni of our music department are successful professionals in the music field and were registered at our school within the last 25 years. We are currently in the process of going through older data for students who were registered at the Hellenic Conservatory of Acropolis before 1985.

• Michaelidou Panayiota (Pianist, renowned music instructor)
• Philippidou Elena (owns a music school)
• Stylianou Constantinos (renowned composer who lives and works abroad)
• Pettemeridou Ioanna (music book author, owns a music school)
• Rodosthenous Giorgos (Musical Theatre Professor, Composer))
• Petroudes Georgia (music instructor at the European University)
• Sarieddine Rami (professional piano performer who lives and works abroad)
• Antoniou Irene (professional singer)
• Skordis Andys (composer)
• Papadopoulos Giorgos (renowned singer who lives and works in Greece)
• Tselepou Christina (singer)
• Stavrou Giorgos (composer, music teacher)
• Rodosthenous Nektarios (Composer)
• Karaolides Olivios (composer)
• Patsalidou Elena (singer)
• Aggelidou Andri (actress/singer)
 Giannis menos (actor)
• Panagiotis Koufogiannis (singer/songwriter)
• Avgi Hadjipavlou (Singer/Music Teacher) 
• Alexis Kazakopoulos (Professional Singer/Musician)
Eleni Georgiou  (Professional singer/performer)
Rafaela Demetriadou  (Professional Singer/songwriter)
Sarah Patsalidou  (Performer/ Producer)