Evi Vassiliou

Evi has qualified successfully in the Teaching Certificate and Teaching Diploma for teaching ballet, of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) of London, and in the Certificate in Dance Education for teaching modern dance, of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) of London. She has participated in many teaching dance seminars of RAD and ISTD in Cyprus and abroad.  


Evi has performed on various TV shows and Tv commercials in Cyprus.  She performed and choregraphed theatrical productions such as «Beauty and the Beast» “2001 and in our Faces” «Esmeralda» and many more. She also danced for¨ The Nutcracker  ¨ ( chor.Vladimir Logunov), ¨ The Best of Broadway ¨ (chor. Derick Lasalla), For the love of God  ¨ ( chor. Deborah Melkis ). She works closely with the Contemporary Dance Platform of Cyprus and performed with them in Cyprus. She has also performed with the dance group «Soma» during the Summer Festival of Contemporary Dance.  She started working at Potenzia Del Arte from 2006, and she loves teaching ballet, modern and contemporary dance.