Katerina Panayi

Katerina Panayi was born and raised in Nicosia. She started piano lessons from a young age at the Hellinic Conservatory of Acropolis. She took part in several piano seminars and masterclasses performed by well known pianists such as Ildiko Sores, Rami Sarieddine and Agathi Leimoni. She completed her degree of Theory in 2014 and a year later she went to the University of Macedonia in Thessaloniki where she completed her Music Degree from the department of Music Science and Art. During her studies in Thessaloniki, she joined the choir of her University, where she performed in several concerts where she had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with successful conductors from Greece and abroad. Additionally, she participated in seminars for Music pedagogical and teaching.


 Also, Katerina loves Theatre and she participated in various productions by Potenzia del’ Arte. Katerina has been part of the Potenzia Summer School Activities Team for many years.


 Katerina continues her music journey in the Hellenic Conservatory where she aims to complete her Degree in Piano and her Degree in Traditional Harmony in October 2022.