Music Ensembles

Since October 2015 here at Potenzia Del Arte we are offering a class, ‘Potenzia Ensembles’ which provides the ability to students of various instruments to come together, play, create and record their own compositions whilst being part of a group.  

Potenzia Ensembles/Bands


Throughout the history of music a need developed amongst musicians and composers to work in larger groups. There was a need to achieve a ‘bigger’ sound and composers kept adding instruments to their compositions which led to the creation of orchestra’s.   At the present time we can find groups/ensembles in all genres of music, sometimes in smaller groups or even large classical orchestras. Working together through music is not only an artistic creative process but, a unique process that brings people together, building relationships and generating friendships.  


Some of the benefits students gain from these classes are:

  • Team spirit and development of ‘chemistry’ between fellow musicians
  • The ability to play a specially developed repertoire, depending on the level of their ensemble, such as Rock, Pop, Blues, Metal, Jazz etc.  
  • To become familiar and gain experience in being in our own Recording Studio at Potenzia Del Arte and to learn how to use DAW programs which will give them the tools to record their own music!
  • Learn to Compose and develop their own original music with their group
  • Seminars with well-established musicians and professionals of the field 


We accept students starting from GRADE 3 and over.

Potenzia Ensembles coordinator:  Marinos Kassinos.  

Classical guitar is one of the most famous musical instruments in the world. It exists in many music genres and is the only stand-alone musical instrument beside the piano, which does not need another instrument to accompany.

On the downside, classical guitar is rarely included in orchestras (symphonic, etc.) due to the instrument build nature and to the lack of repertoire for guitar and orchestra. This makes the guitar learning process, a “solitary” experience, because the lesson is mostly private and rarely gives the opportunity to the guitar students, to perform in groups and ensembles.

Students that will choose to attend the lesson will benefit as they will learn to:

• Listen and feel the music better (musicality), by playing music with others.
• Listen and observe different styles, approaches and techniques of other students.
• Play a repertoire especially transcribed for a Guitar Orchestra (from Bach, Beethoven to Hatzidakis, Beatles, movie soundtracks, etc.) 
• Co-operate with their classmates as a team with a common goal, to perform their work in front of audiences.
• And mostly, to have fun playing music!

“Guitar Ensemble” class is available for students who already take guitar lessons and are at least Grade 3 Level.

Supervising Teacher: Angelos Cheipeloglou

From October 2017, Potenzia Del’Arte will provide the “Guitar Ensemble” class, giving  guitar students the opportunity to perform as members of a guitar orchestra.