Renos Efstathiou

Renos Efstathiou is a young artist devoted to the world of the classical guitar and has been working since the mid 1990’s towards developing his craft as a classical guitarist.


Renos’ classical training began at the HELLENIC CONSERVATORY OF ACROPOLIS (Potenzia Del’ Arte) , where he was a regular scholar and completed his Diploma in Classical Guitar Performance in May 2009 with Dinstiction, under the instructions of Eftychia Angeli. Alongside his studies he worked for three years as a guitar teacher at the “Every Child a Musician” programme in London. He also won 1st price award at the EGTA Guitar Competition in Cyprus and he also achieved his  DipABRSM Diploma for Guitar Performance.


In 2014 he gained a Bachelor of Music from the University of Surrey (UK) with First Class Honours and was also the proud receiver of the Humphrey Richardson Taylor Scholarship for instrumental performance.


In 2017 he completed his Master of Music in Performance at Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London studying with Robert Brightmore and was awarded a Guildhall Artist Fellowship for 2017-2018. Renos has given various solo recitals and participated in ensemble performances collaborating with singers, guitarists and wind players. Most recently he performed in the premiere of ‘Occō’s Eternal Act’ in London.


Throughout the years, Renos has had the privilege to participate in masterclasses with some internationally renowned guitarists, such as David Russell, Antigoni Goni, Ricardo Gallen, Ignacio Rodes, Graham Anthony Devine, Rafael Aguirre, Thanos Mitsalas and others. He has also received coaching from Welsh composer Steve Goss, and technical advice from guitar pedagogue Richard Wright.


As an individual with an enquiring mind, Renos is enthusiastic about returning at Potenzia del’ Arte and assist students progress musically. Currently he is also working on performing contemporary guitar repertoire that diverges from the traditional approach of the instrument and explores new musical perspectives.