Stephanos Gavrielides

Stefanos Gavrielides from a very young age he had a huge passion for dancing that led him to his professional career as a dancer. He loves to perform and please the crowds  both on a competitive level but also, and on a showcasing level.

Over the years he and his team have won numerous awards for achieving the 1st place at competitions in Cyprus and abroad. Rather than the competitive side Stefanos  has also performed for many professional dance shows, music concerts and charity events.

He began to teach Hip Hop and Locking 3 years ago at different dance schools around Cyprus to both kids and adults. His experience come from attending workshops and competing with some of the best street dancers in the world and he is ready to spread his knowledge and passion to our students this year.

He cant wait to start teaching at Potenzia in September 2019, so you better be ready!